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Bat Out Of Hell: The China Virus

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021 | 10am

Ed Thomas | Stirling, UK

Rocky Horror Actor & Bat Out Of Hell Singer, Meat Loaf, Blames China In Donald Trump Style Reply Causing Controversy On His Official Facebook Page.

Meat Loaf at GalaxyCon Raleigh in 2019 | Super Festivals – | CC BY 2.0

Fans are divided, as legendary Paradise By The Dashboard Lights singer, Meat Loaf replied to one fan on his official Facebook page, asking about a UK tour, with:

“No one can even plan. a tour at the moment. Before Covid we June and July 2020 booked in the UK. China stopped that tour.”

With 217 replies in just 13 hours, Meat Loaf’s apparent appeal to former US President Donald Trump’s style rhetoric has divided fans.

One fan wrote:

“Meat Loaf China did not stop anything. WOW! I’m so disappointed in that remark.”

And another Facebook commenter highlighted a personal connection to this type of language:

“…my cousin is Korean American and his wife is a Chinese immigrant. They’ve been victims of plenty of ‘lashing out’. Hatred and intolerance toward a general group have real life consequences on specific people.”

Other Facebook Fans were quick to jump to Meat Loaf’s defence, writing:

“Meat Loaf China stopped all the tours. (Sad face emoji). I can’t wait to see you perform again!”

And another fan wrote:

“…well, let’s see. It originated in China. Then then Chinese were quiet about it. It’s the China Virus.”

It is technically accurate that the novel Coronavirus seems to have originated from China, where it is claimed that in a local meat market, ironically for Meat Loaf, someone was infected by a literal Bat Out of Hell.

However, this language appears to echo former United States President Donald Trump, who famously called the Covid-19 ‘the China Virus’.

Such language was used disparagingly, and many would claim racist and xenophobic way by the former American President, who lost the election to President Biden in November 2020.

I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) singer, Meat Loaf, has long been seen as a gay icon for his on-stage persona; as well as a civil rights proponent, with his appearance alongside actors Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon in the transvestite musical-comedy & camp-horror, and cult classic, 1975’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Meat Loaf has also appeared in 1992’s Wayne’s World; 1999’s Fight Club; and 2006’s Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (playing a young Jack Black character’s dad in an opening cameo scene).

As a singer, Meat Loaf is known for his theatrical performances on stage in Wagnerian rock – a style blending rock and roll and the musical style of the classical composer Richard Wagner.

This style is typified by Meat Loaf and his long-term collaborator, the late Jim Steinman, who sadly died on April 19th 2021.

The style has also influenced 80’s superstar Cyndi Lauper and Canadian Diva Celine Dion via Steinman.

The debate is still raging on the social media platform, and Meat Loaf has been contacted for comment.

As of publication, he has not yet responded to our request for comment; we will update this story if a comment is forthcoming.

What do you think? Is Meat Loaf right to blame his UK Tour cancellation on China? Or has he been sipping too much of the Donald Trump cool-aid? Please leave a comment below!

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